Nursery education Funding Terms:

We accept all Nursery Education Funding

15 hours Two Year old Funding (to check if you are eligible visit: )

15 hours Universal 3 and 4 year old funding – all children eligible from the school term after child’s third birthday.

Additional 15 hours 3 and 4 year old funding if you and your partner (if applicable) meet the criteria. To check if you are eligible please visit:

• All Nursery education funding is for 38 weeks per year  (school terms).  As we are full day care, and are operational 52 weeks of the year, we will spread your funding entitlement over the whole year – 52 weeks. We do not offer term time only places.

Notice of any change in requirements e.g hours or moving to a different provider is required the term before to enable necessary Local Authority admin.

• Nursery Education funding is not intended to cover the cost of meals, consumables, additional hours and services. These are charged as extras on your bill.

Our extras are probably more expensive than some other nurseries, and school nurseries some of whom are able to offer free places.

The reasons we believe are as followsWe offer a much higher adult to staff ratio than is statutory, our staff ratio for the big room is 1 adult :6 children (Statutory limit is   1:8.)  School nurseries operate a 1 adult :15 children ratio.   I believe our ratio is the most beneficial for the wellbeing and education of the children.

• We employ, experienced qualified staff, and do not capitalise on lower minimum wage for under 25 year olds, or apprentice schemes

• We provide a very well equipped, high quality and creative environment.

• We provide 3 meals a day of fabulous, personally cooked, nutritious, high welfare produced, food. (home grown and organic as much as possible.

• We offer off-site trips weekly, to the allotment, forest, and arboretum, with regular treats.

• We provide all hygiene products- including nappies.

Your bill is worked out on the amount of funded hours we are able to claim.

The hours are allocated to you 38 weeks of the year. (school term time)

We will spread this allocation across 52 weeks of the year .

We have a spread sheet showing the correlation of session length and possible hours we can claim.

You are able to spread your entitled hours between providers, you must inform us of this. As it is important to ensure that the claim does not exceed attendance.

We also have a spreadsheet itemising hourly rates and extras, so that you can see how your claim can be optimised.


Funded Only Places

At Mayfield House we offer one 2 year old, or one 3-4  year old funded only place.

These are allocated on a first come first serve basis and according to set criteria.   These criteria are displayed in the hall at the Mayfield House , and are as follows:

• Available for one 2 year old – in receipt of two year old – Nursery education funding
• Hours are spread over 51 weeks- with a maximum 4 and 1/2 hours per day – afternoons only.
• Meals and Nappies are chargeable – unless at our discretion
• Available for one 3, 4 year old. The child must have fulfilled the criteria to receive 2 year old funding.

All parents must complete a Parent Declaration form for the Local Authority, and sign acceptance of these terms and specified charges

Please do ask if you need further explanation, on any issues